Baby Project: Quilt, Bed Skirt, Pillows, and More


When Jedidiah and I got married, we had decided on three children.  When we had Max five years ago, we decided our family was complete–two children was enough.  That doesn’t mean that I still don’t think about “what if…”   I walk by baby clothing in stores, and I think, “oh, how sweet.”  I look at patterns and prints in fabric and yarn stores.  I long to sew or knit up something for a tiny, cute rolly-poly baby. Then, almost as suddenly as the thoughts begin, I wake up from my day dream reverie to Max crying over a broken toy or Madeleine spilling another drink.   Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

I have enjoyed shopping for another baby lately–my niece Arya, who will arrive in August.  I can’t wait to meet her.

Aimee, my sister-in-law lives in Los Angeles, too far away from shopping or crafting together, but no so far away that I wasn’t determined to make my sisterly mark on her pregnancy.  I decided that I would make the crib bedding.  I gathered information from her, and then trolled internet fabric sites and Pinterest for ideas. She selected patterns she liked from Pinterest.  Unfortunately, we started pinning in April, and I didn’t start shopping until June.  Here’s all I could find at my fabric store:


It was initially a disappointing endeavor. But I’m not easily discouraged.  I piled my mother and kids into the car, and we visited some local fabric stores.  I called and texted Aimee, sending her pictures of whatever combinations of gold/gray/purple or any combination thereof.

011Honestly, it was so much fun.  Of course it would have been better had we been together, but we didn’t, so we made the best of it.


We found inspiration from this quilt from A Little Sweetness.

I took some time to find the right combination of colors and patterns.  We began with white, gray, and yellow.  I’m still a little bummed thaqt I didn’t pick up that dahlia fabric on the right.  (I may have to go back and get that one for me.)Aimee really wanted purple in it too, but it proved challenging to find what would work for what I had in my head.  When it comes to projects, my head gets in the way A LOT!

These are the first couple of strip layouts:


Then we added the purple:


Strip quilts are among the easiest to make. While they are simple in design and execution, they can be incredibly sophisticated.  The trick is finding the right combination of fabrics.   A good rule of thumb is a small print with a geometric with a floral.  That’s the formula I used when selecting the fabrics.006

My mom’s really the quilter, so she quilted the entire blanket on her Bernina 730.  Isn’t it beautiful?

No bedding is complete without a crib skirt and some fabulous pillows, so I completed those on my own.  I used a pattern from Oleander and Palm. However, instead of using one color, I inserted 4-in. panels in the pleats.  You’ll have to wait for a blog update to see the final results.  My kids are out of cribs.

I also made a few throw pillows.  My Babylock Sofia 2 was being fussy with the embroidery, but I was dead set on a monogram for a pillow.  I decided to stencil it on with paint from the Martha Stewart Satin Collection in Hydrangea.  I love the color of hydrangeas.

004 005

I also love the look of stenciled dandelions.  Since I had the paint, I made another stencil, and painted those on a white pillow.  I love it.

I was stuck for what to do with the last pillow.  I found some white ruffles and added it to a white panel.  Then I added the geometric print panels. I like the way the modern geo-shapes work with the girly ruffles.

We also made a cuddly playmat and some swaddling blankets.

After a few months and partnering with my talented mother, here are the results.  I love them.  I hope she does too.

003 001   006

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