Baby Gifts

PS Pic1I love babies.  I’ve had two of my own.  Jedidiah and I have wisely decided that we will not be pursuing more; however, I’m grateful that my friends are having them because I LOVE making things for babies.  Last summer, my mother and I completed this bedding/nursery project for my niece Arya.  This year, my dear friend, Kirsten will be welcoming a baby girl to the world, and I have spent the first part of my summer putting together small treats for her and the baby.  (She’s now seen them, so I don’t have to keep them secret since she’s a reader). I’ll admit I have not been the best at taking pictures to document most of my projects, but it is on my list for improvement so stay tuned!

There’s hardly anything more precious than baby clothes.  I wanted to make the baby something original.    Another benefit of making baby clothes is you can use remnants!  I could get beautiful, organic cotton fabric from around the world by purchasing remnants. While I love Joann’s for the coupons and beautiful discount fabric,  I wanted something special not predictable. I visited my local fabric store.  I carefully selected a blue and off-white flower patterned cotton from Japan and a mint greet and grey polka dots (some of the polka dots resemble tiny skulls–it’s pretty rad).  I also picked up this pattern at the shop.  It’s simple, but there are so many possibilities with the pieces.

Here are the results:

I think they turned out lovely!  When I was finished I made fabric blocks using my left over scraps. (Sorry, no pictures.)

I also had the chance of using my Cricut that my family got me for Mother’s Day this year.  I personalized some onesies, a wine glass (for mom) and some pacifiers.  It was simple to do.  Once again, I didn’t manage to get pictures taken of all of it, but here’s one of the onesies.  It actually matches the wine glass I made for mom.  The onesie has sentiments for mom when she’s a little frazzled, and the wine glass has sentiments for baby when mom has had enough (“whine about it”).  Here’s a picture I snapped of the onesie:


I used Cricut HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and layered the pictures to get the two-color product.

I arranged the gifts in a basket and wrapped with cellophane.  (Sorry.  I promise I’ll get better about the pictures!)

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