DIY: Snape-Inspired Throw Pillow


0805(1)Severus Snape is my favorite literary character of all time (followed only by Miss Havisham). His tale is the best part of the entire series.  No matter how much I wanted to side with Harry, Hermione, and Ron’s hatred for the greasy-haired teacher,  I never could.  Not even in Book One.   There was something more to this dark, mysterious potions professor. I just knew it.

In honor of Madeleine finishing the seventh book and the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ve created a Snape-inspired throw pillow using my Cricut Explore Air, a home iron, and my sewing machine.

To make this pillow, I used:

  • 2 contrasting colors of heat transfer vinyl (I used Siser Easyweed)
  • Cricut Explore Air and design programs (like DesignSpace and Inkscape)
  • 2 18 x 18 square pieces of cotton fabric (e.g. duck cloth, canvas, cotton)
  • 12-14″ invisible zipper (same color as fabric)
  • thread (same color as fabric)
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • ruler (for centering design on fabric)

I designed most of the pillow in Cricut DesignSpace, downloadable software for desktop and iOS; however, the text had to be created in Inkscape, free downloadable software. DesignSpace and Inkscape allow you to cut images with your Cricut Explore. I used free clipart of a whitetail deer, licensed for personal use.  The font is Scriptina. (You can download it here.    Thetext layout has to be designed in Inkspace. Otherwise, using the Scriptina font, the letters wouldn’t display properly.

080506Snape Screenshot




I used Siser Easyweed Vinyl that I purchased at Vinyl Spectrum.  I used colors Gray (5022) and Turquoise (5023), inspired by the colors from my own imagination of the doe patronus over the frozen lake in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I loaded my vinyl and pressed “go” on the machine.  I had to check three times to make sure I remembered to click “mirror-image” for my cut. (I cut on the wrong side of my HTV once during this project.  I wanted to cry.  Always remember, shiny side down!)

After I cut the vinyl, I cut my fabric. I used unbleached canvas, but you could use any cotton-based fabric you desire.  I got a very good deal on the canvas, and I personally like the look of it.  I cut my pieces the same size as my pillow form (18 x 18).  When I sew it together, it will be slightly smaller, but it will make my pillow look full and fluffy.

Once my fabric and vinyl was cut, I ironed my vinyl pieces following these instructions.  To layer, place the bottom piece of vinyl first.  Complete the first instructions, and then layer the 2nd piece.

After the vinyl cooled, I sewed a zigzag seam around all my two square pieces of canvas to prevent fraying. Then I installed the invisible zipper.  You can find a tutorial for that here.  (Please make sure you iron your zipper first, or you won’t get close enough to the teeth to hide the zipper in the seam.)


When I finished my zipper, I sewed completely around the other sides of my pillow and then clipped the corners.( Make sure the zipper is unzipped when you are sewing around the pillow, otherwise you will not be able to turn your pillow right-side out.)

I turned the pillow cover around and tested the zipper.  Then I stuffed my pillow form into the cover and zipped it up.  Viola!


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