Music Monday: Rainy Days and Mondays

I loved that song growing up.  My mom listened to The Carpenters quite a bit, and it always seemed to pop up on the easy listening radio stations my parents would listen to when I was a child.  Karen Carpenter’s voice is the perfect conduit for melancholy days, and this song is the absolute soundtrack for April’s wet weather.

After the 70 degree days we’ve had in Colorado, snow and rain have crawled back into the weather forecast as if to say that winter is not quite ready to die.  It reminds me of a formulaic horror movie.  Remember the hand that comes up out of the ground in Carrie? That’s winter right now in Colorado.

Despite my readiness for the warmth and rays of spring and summer, the gray skies and infinite drizzle seems to pull out the most pensive me, and April, well, April makes me think of two of my favorite guys–my dad and my brother.  Both gone now with birthdays in April.

Sometimes you need the catharsis of sadness and a rainy day.  This is my cathartic soundtrack for rainy days and Mondays and cold, wet Aprils.

  1. “To Be Without You”(Ryan Adams, Prisoner).   This song was written not to long after Ryan Adams lost his own grandmother and faced his divorce from Mandy Moore.  It reminds me of old Ryan Adams–the Ryan Adams of Whiskeytown and “La Cienega” (Heartbreaker).
  2. “Funeral” (Band of Horses, Everything All the Time)  The voices and the harmonies in this song haunt me long after it stops playing.  Ben Bridwell says the song is about how birthdays and family gatherings felt like a funeral for him, but for me the meaning is closer to home than that.  For me, it’s about wondering if someone will be there the next time you see them.  If the “Mom, tell Sissy I love her” might be the last.
  3. “Boulder to Birmingham” (Emmylou Harris) This song was written by Emmylou Harris after the death of her friend Graham Nash. I remember my dad listening to this song when I was younger.   He loved her and often said, “she can eat crackers in my bed anytime.”  I had no idea what he meant until I was much older.  I also didn’t understand this song until I was an adult–until I lost my dad. I would walk from Denver to Lubbock in this wet, rainy weather to see him again.
  4. “And” (Waterdeep, Sink or Swim) This song is beautiful.  It was the single song I listened to on repeat when I lost my brother.  The poetry and layers of meaning speaks volumes to me.  I’ve spend hours trying to analyze and decipher it’s meaning. For me it explains how often we can feel lost but Jesus is the one path to link us to our Creator: “And is the juice of the joints of the motion of life/ And is the love that is between God and his beautiful wife/ And has two hands and two feet and a long, lovely side/ And rose three days after he was crucified.”So if it’s cold and rainy—if you’re feeling pensive or melancholy, have listen.

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