The Hats

Woman. Wife. Mother. Teacher. Friend. Seamstress. Chef. Designer. Coach. Problem Solver. Money Manager.

The hats and jobs women wear are endless.  Most of the time I enjoy them all.  No, I relish them all. This made determining what to write about on a blog almost impossible.  Why can’t I write about everything I love?  Why can’t I write about the joys, triumphs and sorrows of painting my kitchen cabinets right along with the creative lesson plans I’m conducting with my classes?  Why can’t I write about the challenges and successes of being a mom next to my latest sewing or knit creation?

I follow a few blogs myself–all of them of varying and diverse interests.  I can’t be so narrow that the blog isn’t me.  I’m eclectic.  My blog should reflect who I am and all of my interests.

So I’m breaking the rules.  For this blog, I will wear all my hats at once if I like or one at a time.