Music Monday Returns: Youth

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  He’s younger than I am, but only by a few months.  Despite the small distance in our age, he regularly reminds me that I am older than he is.  This week as I celebrate his finally turning the same age as me, here’s the songs on my current playlist.

  1. “Suit and Jacket”, Judah and the Lion:  There is no other band right now like Judah and the Lion.  Their goal is to produce the music they grew up listening to with the folk instruments–banjo, mandolin–that they play.  “Suit and Jacket” is my favorite.  It is an anthem for slowing down and figuring out what you really want not what society forces.   My favorite line–“I’m not trading this fire for a cold, cold heart.”
  2. “I Need Never Get Old,”  Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nigthsweats: I’ve written about this song before, so I’ll spare you the repeat.  I’m still enjoying this lighthearted love song.
  3. “Fountains of Youth,” Local Natives: As a teacher, I am hopeful that our future generations will upend the mess we’ve made of it.  I suppose that’s how it’s always been.
  4. “Good Morning,” Grouplove:  I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. every night if not earlier.  My schedule demands I be an early riser. And while I have always been a morning person, a still harbor illusions of staying up late and having a good time.  An old girl like me can dream, can’t she?

Listen to my Spotify playlist here.

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