10 Things I Love about Being a Geek Girl Married to a Geek Boy

geek girl and boy(He’s going to punish me for that boy comment, but “Geek Girl” sounded better than “Geek Woman.”  I’m all for parallelism.)

Looks like this is a week for lists!  Yay!  I LOVE lists!

Denver Comic Con is this week.  It begins tomorrow, and I’m very excited.  I’ve already booked my photo op with John Barrowman.  Can’t wait for that one!  I also have my eyes on an LOTR ocarina.  Since The Hobbit is on my book list for middle school next year, I just really feel like I need this to bring the experience to life for my students.  Right?!?

My husband taught me a lot about being a geek.  Apparently, for many years, I was doing it wrong.  I was shy about my inclinations.  Most of the popular girls didn’t play Legend of Zelda or enjoy epic family game nights that included Trivial Pursuit or even Risk (on the very RARE snow day in Texas).  They didn’t like opera either or thought they should only read Jane Austen if it’s assigned. Instead of embracing my inclinations, I hid them as best I could–usually by just not speaking at all.) Why was I shy about this stuff???  This stuff made me awesome!  It’s like my geekiness was a hidden super power!

My husband, being homeschooled, did not seem to suffer the same social pressures that I did.  He was a geek, but by the time he reached college, he was a cool geek.  That’s when I met him, and that’s when I learned that I could be a cool geek too.  I no longer shied away from my love of dragons, fantasy fiction, classic novels, or Nintendo games (I’m still a Nintendo girl!)

Here are the 10 things I love about being married to my geek boy:

  1. He doesn’t stop me from buying that other book while I’m still reading another one.
  2. Every time we get a 30% off coupon at Barnes and Noble, it means a new tabletop board game!
  3. Our idea of a cheap date consists of going to a used book/music/comic book store and perusing the shelves.
  4. If I get into an old fantasy series, chances are he has copies in boxes in the garage.
  5. You’re equally good at video games though it’s relative.  I’m far superior at role-playing, but he’s infinitely better at first-person shooter.
  6. There aren’t any conflicts over design aesthetics if there are dragons involved–especially since I don’t say anything about the Lego DeLorean on the fireplace mantle.
  7. We get each others uber-obscure intellectual references even if they induce an eye roll.
  8. Movie nights or tv binges either consist of superheroes, science fiction, or fantasy. Sometimes all three.
  9. We both believe that we cannot exist together if we do not partake in the interests of each other at least peripherally. For me, it was reading all the Pat Rothfuss books. There was no way he could have a conversation with anyone without talking about these books. If I wanted to understand what the heck he was talking about, I had to read them.  For him, it was reading Harry Potter.  For years, he refused.  I began to think something might be wrong with him.  I asked him if he would read them before the seventh movie came out;  I wanted to see it with him.  And read them he did.  In a week.
  10.  Best of all….geek boys are the best kissers.

I love you, honey.  Here’s to many more Cons together.  And maybe someday we’ll make it to the BIG ONE.

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