10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Write my Letter of Intent

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am applying to a grad program. My application includes a letter of intent. Already I have loads of activities to help me avoid this task. For example today I have perused Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;  texted friends; written a blog post; made new chore charts for the kids; and swept the kitchen 5 times (still looks like it could use another go over).  Hold on.

Okay. That’s better.

Anyway, here’s my list of 10 things I’d rather do than write this essay:

1. Clip my toe nails.
2. Clean the bathroom tile grout.
3.  Paint the kitchen cabinets.   Wait.  I did that last summer.
3. Pull the hair out of all the hair brushes in the house.
4. Make warm, buttery croissants for breakfast tomorrow. (Yes, this sounds lovely, but it’s incredibly involved.)
5. Take down all the drapes and blinds and wash them.
6. Bathe and brush the cat.  She’s clearly not into this idea.

7.  Polish my antique silver place settings that I never use.
8. Refinish the table that’s still in the garage from last summer.
9. Detail my car.
10. Help the kids reorganize the Playroom. –NOPE. Not a chance. I’m just going to write the essay.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Write my Letter of Intent

  1. Thanks for being so open about your feelings. Are you hesitant to go to school, or do you just not know what to write?

    I’m a Doctoral student, and have written several such letters during my academic career. Sometimes, doing some of those “other” things is a great way to keep the body busy while the mind does all the work. Then, when writing, the body isn’t totally overridden by anxiety, and the words just come out. Do you feel that way?

    Also, croissants are awesome! Yum!


    • Hi, thanks for commenting! No I’m not hesitant about going to school, I’m just an expert in task avoidance. I’m mainly avoiding the task because I hate writing persuasive content about myself. My husband kept telling me I needed to be more “braggy.” I have a difficult time with that. The funny part is I teach seniors and juniors in high school how to write these essays. I just don’t enjoy doing it myself!

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