In Case You Missed It…

This summer I decided that if I continue to encourage my students to let their writing be read, then I, too, should make that happen.

I’ve looked back at some of my most popular posts.  I thought I’d share them again along with a look at some blogs you may have missed.

Top 3 Blog Posts (Most Read) of 2015:

A Letter to My Daughter:  This post was written before Miss M’s first day of 3rd grade.  Second grade had been a disaster.  We were  both glad it was over.  Third grade is going great.  She’s made new friends and was identified as verbally gifted and talented.  She danced in her third Nutcracker this Christmas.  She’s looking forward to learning about Vikings this spring.

Jeopardy and the Dream and His Moment:  Both of these posts are dedicated to my husband.  While his Jeopardy! experience wasn’t exactly what we had envisioned, it’s a fond memory that we both laugh about often.

3 Overlooked Favorites:

These posts didn’t garner the readership of some of my others, but they are very important to me.

The Prayers I’ll Pray for My Son: This is the blog I wrote before Max’ first day of kindergarten and in a new school.  It certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing though given his challenges, I believe he’s doing well.  I’m sure I’ll blog about it soon.

Dipping My Feet in the River talks of our small staycation to Glenwood Springs.  I got to observe my children near the river.  I can still learn a lot from my brave daughter.

The Myth of Replacement is about my thoughts of what has been going on in my school.  I’m sad to see my principal go.  I know no one can truly make the difference that she made in our school, our students, and me.

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