His Moment

Today’s the day.  I can’t say what for.  Not yet. I will soon; I promise.

It’s not everyday that you get to see the one you love the most make one of his dreams come true. Not a dream like skydiving or climbing a fourteener, but an almost impossible one. At least one you thought to be impossible.  Today I do.

I’m certain that I am almost as nervous as he is.  This morning, we, my husband and I, took the cold elevator downstairs and ate an expensive yet passable breakfast.  He ate more than he had in the last two weeks.  I hope it doesn’t make him sick.

For the past month, my husband has changed in some ways because of today.  He changed his eating habits, started exercising. and had his suit professionally dry-cleaned.   He let me take him shopping, and he even bought new clothes.  This morning, he watched a plethora of YouTube videos on how to tie a proper Windsor knot.  I watched him tie–untie–repeat–until he was finally satisfied with his work.  He spent the longest time grooming his beard.  He trimmed, shaved, and tweased until not a hair was out-of-place.  This is all so unusual.  For the first time in our relationship,  I was dressed and ready before he was.

Now he’s left the hotel on a shuttle with the others.  The next time I see him he’ll be under hot blinding lights.  Even though we won’t be able to see each other, my anxious feet will mirror his.  I’ll hold my breath with each answer.  My palms will equally be sweaty. And while he’s living his dream, I’ll be living mine too.

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