How I Fell in Love with the Royals and Baseball

20150808_192624_resizedI’m not a lover of sports.  I spent most of my weekends growing up sitting on the sidelines watching my brother play soccer.  I grew to hate it.  I didn’t enjoy watching football.  The rules just seemed too complicated.  Basketball was okay, but no one in my family watched or played it.  Overall, I just never developed a love of any game except one—baseball.

My love of baseball did not really occur until I met my husband, and like a good long-term romance, it developed over time.  I didn’t immediately fall in love with baseball. It took a good long time.

I went to my first major league baseball game when I was about ten years old.  It was a Texas Rangers game at the old ball park in Arlington.  I think they were playing the Tigers, but I can’t be sure.  For ten year-old me, it was boring.  The three hour game seemed to take a lifetime. I did get a cute teddy bear out of the situation.

I didn’t go to another game until I began dating Jedidiah.   That was about twelve years later.  I was young and in love, and no matter how boring I thought baseball was, I’d go anyway because I love him and he loved baseball especially the Royals. Because he was so interested in baseball, suddenly so was I.  It actually made sense.

Over the years, we would go to games.  I was happy when the Royals won, which until last year wasn’t much.  I knew that if the Royals won, Jedidiah would be in a great mood.  I still didn’t love baseball.  I was just using it for its mood-enhancing abilities.

Last year, it began.  I know that if you love baseball and if you love the Royals, I may seem like a coat-tails fan, but that wouldn’t be the truth.

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