One Day Fireplace Makeover


My living room is a difficult space.  It’s small and wall space is limited.  This means that our television has hang above the fire place because we don’t want the couch in front of the window, and the piano can’t go in front of the window either because it would be bad for the instrument. (Although now that I’m typing this out, I might not be opposed to the couch in front of the window.  I might have to try that one out.)  Those are arrangement issues, and honestly, that’s not what bothers me.  My mantle bothers me.

My mantle is a sad, ochroid pine. It  appears outdated and not in a charming, quirky way like my mustard-colored refrigerator. I’d be a fan of that.  It also has scratch marks.  Someone had etched the word “Hell” into the woodwork.  Madeleine discovered it the other day.  I have to do something about it. So I did.  I had some paint left over from recently painting my kitchen cabinets, so I decided to paint my mantle this afternoon.

I started with this:

20150723_125155I just hate it.  What a mess.

So I grabbed my paint kit.  Yes, I have a paint kit.  It contains:

Sample jars of various paint colors.  They’re cheap, and I never know when I’m going to want to paint a piece of furniture.  I like to go to Goodwill.  A lot.

-BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder.  This is cheaper than Annie Sloan paint.  I love it.  I can mix it into any paint color I  like.

-Annie Sloan Soft Wax.  I prefer her wax to the BB Frosch wax.  I think it’s easier to get on my brush and deliver to the wood.

 -BB Frosch paint brush

-BB Frosch wax brush

-BB Frosch brush conditioning soap

-Magic Eraser

-220 Sandpaper Sponge for distressing

-Mini paint containers

-Lint-free cloths for waxing

-Frog tape in 2 sizes

-Reusable drop cloth


-Measuring spoon

-Giant purple cup from The Rockies game two years ago

I decided that I wanted to do the two-coat distressing.  I used Valspar gravel and Valspar Fresh Cotton in the Hydrochroma line.

I mixed my paint with the BB Frosch chalk paint according to the instructions.

I removed all the items from the mantle and cleaned it with a mixture of Dawn and 20150723_132519Vinegar.  Then I thoroughly dried it.

I started with the gravel color.  Chalk paint goes on pretty thick; it goes very far.  I liked the gray.  Part of me thinks I should have stopped there.  It’s kind of a nice touch against the rest of the room, but I had my heart set on white.  I cleaned my brushes and put away the gray paint.  I let it dry and watched an episode of Inside Amy Schumer while I waited.  When it was over, I mixed my Fresh Cotton paint.

I put on two coats of the Fresh Cotton to completely cover the gray waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next color.  After each coat was dry, I used the 220-grit sandpaper to mar the surface a bit.  The gray came through lightly and nicely.

I then sparingly applied wax and waxed it off with my lint-free cloths.

Overall I’m quite happy with the results.  Now if I could just paint the walls…

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